Installing library for books in Vihigaon
Pustak Mitra' can be best explained as 'library at your doorstep'. A set of 100-125 books from various domains ranging from history, science, fiction, biographies and many more, compiled in an attractively coloured trunk case, for the underprivileged kids from less developed regions.
It has been implemented at 5 schools: Lal Bahadur Shastri School (Ayaregaon), ZP school (Mangaon), Acharya Bhise School(Patharli road), Andad Madhyamik Vidyalay and school at Vihigaon as well.
Manor Ashramshala
Runamochan bhet is a visit wherein VSM volunteers visit remote villages. The objective is to sensitize youth towards the hardships of fellow villagers and at the same time offer aid to the villages in the areas necessary for its development. This year we connected with two villages through Runmochan: Manor ashramshala and Paligaon
Proposed at Vashala Ashramshala
ZEP assisstance Program was also initiated in two more schools viz. Vashala Ashram School and Chindhyachi Vadi Ashram School.
Watershed Development project at Vihigaon
Jalshakti Abhiyaan, an initiative began to make Vihigaon self-sufficient in water availability, has completed second phase in 2016. Two bunds were restored during the phase-II of this project. Once monsoon sets in these dams will hold around 2 lakh litres of water and facilitate irrigation for around 150 acres of farms in Vihigaon.
Vihigaon is a village with sloping topography. So it is difficult to srrest water. In order to facilitate water arrestation volunteers from VSM undertook a tree plantation activity in Vihigaon.
Technology Assistence to project Team
"The objective of this project is to educate rural children as well as farmer communities using Android tablet and visual interactive education software.
Farmers learn about seed preprocessing, nutrition for healthy family, making organic pesticides and organic fertilizers. 578 students from 5th, 6th and 7th grades have been beneficiaries of SIF and 800+ farmers have been reached."
Digital School Setup in KDMC/ZP School
NALANDA aims to improve the quality of education imparted to underpriviledged kids in Dombivli's neighbourhood by creating and using effective audio-visual techniques to simplify and clarify complex topics to hold students interest; A new school, 'Sayaji Gaikwad School', was included in the scope of the project this year.
Installing Computer Lab, Vachan Peti, Abhyasika, Laboratory etc in Ashramshala
Gyan Setu Prakalp aims to build bridge (Setu) for underprivileged students to reach to unexplored world of knowledge (Gyan). We implemented 'Pustak Mitra' Library, Science Lab, Computer Lab and Digital school setup at Dolhare ashram school under this project.
Electronic display to be installed outside dnyanmandir to host content of social interest
This project aims to build an electronic display to be installed outside DnyanMandir to host contentabout VSM activities. This will give the volunteers involved a hands-on experience on a real-time project.