Swachha Dombivli Abhiyan

Project Description

Dombivli, a developing city in the Thane District of Maharashtra state, is also known for its cultural values and active youth participation. The City is known for preserving their culture and celebrating it with enthusiasm. It is also one of the 98 cities shortlisted to be developed as a ‘Smart City’ under the Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India. The City has been growing at a tremendous rate, and therefore the problem arising out of it ! Paradoxically, the city is benchmarked for its values, concentration of educated population and cultural activities, itbut is also known as one of the dirtiest and second most polluted city (2016) of Maharashtra.
Understanding the gravity of the problem of pollution and cleanliness in the city and taking the responsibility of the mess created directly and indirectly, VSM joined hands with like-minded citizens to fight against pollution and making Dombivli a clean and Green place to live. Inspired by the "Seva" (service) philosophy propagated by the great warrior monk Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), the team has commenced with the Swachha Dombivli Abhiyan (SDA) in April 2018.
Swachha Dombivli Abhiyan is an initiative by Vivekanand Seva Mandal (VSM/ Mandal), an apolitical organisation which has been involved in various social welfare or SEVA activities since 1991.
SDA was formed as a step towards cleaning our area and preserving our mother nature ultimately benefiting the society. Starting from understanding the problems and focusing on the dirtiest and important areas, the team commenced their activity with a cleanliness drive which has now further expanded to waste management, awareness programme, Greening initiatives.


Imbibe the idea of cleanliness and make our city green and pollution free.


Our mission is to propel clean and eco-friendly way of living and improve the environmental quality of the city by working together with the people by educating and providing them with appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Our Activities

  • Seminars on Waste Management

  • Installation of information booths

  • Conducting Cleanliness Drive

  • Tree Plantation

Some notable work of SDA:

  • SDA organised a “Bhangarwala Samelan (Get-together)”. Bhangarwala or the recyclers isare a one-stop solution who accepts and channelizes the waste properly to the super-recyclers. SDA promotes usage of this channel, as it not only keeps the important element of waste-disposal cycle intact but also helps in proper recycling and disposal of the waste.

  • SDA organised a “Teachers Training Session”, to promote awareness among the school children.

  • One of the important media who that helps us in cleaning our surroundings ares Rag pickers. Understanding their importance in the waste management cycle SDA organised a “Rag picker’s Congregation” to learn their problems and look out for different opportunities which can be a win- win situation for the rag pickers as well as the city environment.

  • Promoted Eco- Friendly Ganeshotsav.

  • SDA Organised a Seed ball training on 26 May 2019.

  • SDA has helped several societies to implement sustainable solutions within their complex. Best example of this is Sarvoday Nagar and Sudama Vatika Society, which has now turned out to be role models for many residential societies.

  • Visit SDA website https://swachhadombivliabhiyan.in , to understand more about the sustainable solutions, proper waste management, share success stories, provide KDMC Notifications regarding waste management and best medium to connect like- minded citizens.

  • In this Pandemic situation, SDA has been conducting informative sessions in association with ParyavaranKumbh Parivar, Maharashtra on different subjects. These sessions help us citizens understand the Environmental problems, reasons and effective solutions from the industry experts.
    You can find the details of such weekly session on