“Out of the past is built the future. … Our ancestors were great. We must first recall that… we must build an India yet greater than what she has been.”

Swami Vivekanand

Event Description

Rashtrapujan(worshipping Bharat Mata) signifies our respect and humility towards united India. This is organized on 14th August midnight when India got independence in 1947. This event aims at inspiring youth towards the development of our country. We invite accomplished social-workers, leaders and experts from various fields to put forward their views on how to take our beloved country forward in 21st century. Mandal has been nurturing young minds and inspires them for the service of the nation. Rashtrapujan Program is a pioneer event, aimed at instilling values of patriotism in students.

Dr. Shankar Abhyankar (Author of Encyclopedia on Indian Culture and Traditions),

Vinay Sahastrabuddhe (Director, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Mumbai),

Chandrashekhar Tilak (Distinguished speaker and author on share markets and Indian economy),

Arvind Kulkarni (Ex-editor),

Madhav Bhandari (Distinguished political functionary),

Milind Aarolkar (Editor of News Bharati),

Shri. Suresh Nakhare (Professor at VJTI and distinguished social worker),

Vishwas Patil (IAS officer and author of various books) and

Sarang Gosavi (Distinguished social worker),

Vivek Ghalsasi (Chairman of renowned public speaker),

Brigadier Hemant Mahajan (Retd. Army Man and established writer)

To listen to our distinguished speakers access our Rashtapujan Repository