Social Entrepreneurship

"Experience is the only teacher we have. We may talk and reason all our lives, but we shall not understand a word of truth until we experience it ourselves."

Swami Vivekanand

VSM Way of Promoting Social Business for Tribal Women

We work for tribal Indians in village Vihigaon, (population 2,000), Taluk Shahapur and village Khodade (population @ 200) Taluk Wada. Their main occupation is either subsistence farming or labour at various farms or works. We are empowering them economically by helping them become social entrepreneurs.

Women Self Help Groups(WSHG) founded by Vivekananda Seva Mandal 15 years ago, proved an organisational base for making them run their social businesses.

For example, there are 10 women self help groups in Vihigaon and one in village Khodade, Wada that are functional. These WSHGs have stabilized and are managing their own affairs. We are successful in making them social entrepreneurs and support their small enterprises by:

  • Helping them establish marketing channels

  • Organise logistics

  • Product development

  • Organisational, accounting support

  • Providing initial seeding capita

At present, these WSHGs have been producing traditional ayurvediccleansing agent called ‘Ojas Utane’on the occasion of ‘Diwali’ festival. This ayurvedic cleansing agent is used for bathing or face wash and has medicinal properties too.

There are 11 Ayurvedic ingredients in Ojas Utane, mixed in scientific proportions to take care of skin's multiple requirements. These sashes are hygienically packed along with standard mixing procedure followed by our WSHG members under the supervision of trained volunteers at their respective locations.

These sashes are then brought to VSM’s Dombivli office and distributed to various consumers through our unique, voluntary, marketing and sales channel that we have built over years.